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IPsec IKEv2 VPN setup instructions

IPsec IKEv2 setup on Windows

  • 1.

    Download root certificate of our VPN server by this link.

  • 2.

    Open the certificate file and click 'Install Certificate'.

    Install certificate. Step 1
  • 3.

    Select 'Local machine'.

    Install certificate. Step 2
  • 4.

    Select 'Trusted root certification authorities'. Then follow installation process.

    Install certificate. Step 3
  • 5.

    After certificate installation is done, open Control Panel, then Network and Sharing center.

    Open Network and Sharing center
  • 6.

    Click on 'Set up a new connection or network'

    Set up a new connection
  • 7.

    Select 'Connect to a workplace'

    Connect to a workplace
  • 8.

    Select 'Use my Internet connection (VPN)'

    Use my Internet connection (VPN)
  • 9.

    Enter IP address of VPN server and some name for the new connection. Then click Create.

    Connection details
  • 10.

    Click on Network at tray, then select the VPN connection and click connect. Then enter login and password.

    Network at tray

IPsec IKEv2 setup on Android

Android does not have native support of IPsec IKEv2 and requires third-party application strongSwan (free).
  • 1.

    Install strongSwan from Google Play.

    Install strongSwan from Google Play
  • 3.

    Open downloaded certificate with the strongSwan application. Tap 'IMPORT CERTIFICATE'.

    Import certificate
  • 4.

    Go to main screen of strongSwan and tap 'Add VPN profile'.

    Add VPN profile
  • 5.

    Enter VPN connection details and tap 'Save'.

    Connection details
  • 6.

    Tap on the new created VPN connection and you will see how connection gets established..

    Establish connection

IPsec IKEv2 setup on iOS

  • 1.

    Download root certificate of our VPN server. Open the link in browser.

  • 2.

    System will suggest you to install the certificate. Tap 'Install'.

    Install certificate
  • 3.

    Open Settings, then VPN, tap 'Add VPN Configuration'

    Add VPN configuration
  • 4.

    Enter VPN connection details (enter VPN server IP address into 'Remote ID' and 'Server' fields). Tap 'Done'

    Enter connection details
  • 5.

    Enable the VPN connection.

    Enable connection